We will have 3 options available for Beach volleyball this season.  All sessions will take place at:

Hamilton Sandbox
680 Van Wagners Beach Road
Hamilton, ON
L8E 3L8

Private Beach Training also available.
Please contact: admin@smashvolleyball.ca for details.

Head Coach for Smash Beach Volleyball is Becky Zeeman.

Coaching Profile

  • Certified Advanced Development Beach & Indoor Volleyball Coach (Level 2)
  • Madawaska Volleyball Camps Beach Section Head 2011-2015
  • Team Ontario Head Coach for 18U Women’s Beach Volleyball Team 2015
  • Ryerson University Full-time Assistant Coach 2014-2019 OUA & USports Champions 2018

Player profile

  • Team Ontario Beach Volleyball Member 2008-2011
  • Team Canada Beach Volleyball representative 2010-2012
  • Queen’s University Varsity Player 2008-2012
  • Ryerson University Player/Coach – 2017
  • Professional Indoor in Germany 2012-2014

Additional Coaches

  • Marcus Wu

Intro to Beach Volleyball (8-13 yrs old)
Monday evenings 4:45pm-6:15pm
June 3rd – August 5th (10 week season)
Cost = $175

This program is specifically designed for athletes who are looking to…

  • Learn a new sport while having fun and enjoying the outdoors (sun or rain)
  • Improve their overall athletic abilities by training in the sand (speed, agility, vertical jump, endurance, power, etc)
  • Develop basic beach volleyball skills and techniques (serving, service reception, the 2nd contact, attacking, defending, how to score)
  • Developing intangible athletic skills necessary to all sports, not just beach volleyball (working together as a unit, how to make your teammates around you better, court awareness, positive self-talk, self-confidence, rebounding from an undesired outcome, etc.)

We will use open/closed skill development as well as structured and free game play to develop these abilities.  

For more information please contact: admin@smashvolleyball.ca

Sessions Ongoing – To join please email: admin@smashvolleyball.ca

Improve your game (Advanced)
Wednesday evenings 4:15pm-6:15pm
June 5th – August 7th (10 week season)
Cost = $200

This program is specifically designed for athletes who have played or competed in indoor or beach volleyball before and want to take their game to the next level. This program will focus on:

  • Improving fundamental skills for game speed (serving strategies, building consistency in 1st contact, “bettering the ball”, delivering hittable 2nd contacts, increasing your offensive options, learning how to score, how to minimize your errors, defending with intentions)
  • Acquire intangible skills necessary for reaching the next level (controlling and managing your mind while practicing and competing, improving the performance of those around you, how to build a healthy and honest relationship with your partner, developing focus in pressure situations, etc)
  • Intro to beach volleyball specific tactics and general offensive and defensive strategies
  • Learning to optimize your performance in all weather conditions

For more information please contact: admin@smashvolleyball.ca

Sessions Ongoing – To join please email: admin@smashvolleyball.ca

Learn to Compete (Competitive)
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:15pm-6:15pm
June 4th – August 8th (10 week season)
Cost = $400

This is our most competitive program. Athletes should have the goal of competing on the OVA Tour as much as they can while striving to get onto the podium in their respective age divisions. Athletes are encouraged to register as a team of their choice but may also join as an individual player to be paired with other individuals for certain competitions (these pairings will be chosen together by the athletes and coaching staff).

This program will offer…

  • Advanced skills and tactical development (managing technical skills in all weather conditions, finding a creative way to score, bettering the ball, adjusting your team offense to your opponents defense, expanding your offensive “tool box”, attacking from all zones along the net, setting a hittable 2nd ball, defending to transition efficiency, knowing when to call time-outs, etc)
  • Intangible high-level athletic skills: finding a way to win, how to make your partner better, sustaining positive self-talk in losing situations, how to rebound from an undesirable play/match/tournament, how to build a healthy relationship with your beach partner, self-coaching skills, developing a growth mindset, learn how to self-manage at tournaments, etc)
  • “Pro Pieces” These pro experience extras are available to all members but will be discussed/chosen and committed to by each team/athlete along with the lead coach Becky Zeeman. You may choose one or all of these Pro Pieces to participate in all season.
    • Season Scheduling & Periodization (planning the competitive season week by week in a 45 min meeting; which events to compete in, off-court commitments, when to peak, personal and team check-in points, goal setting & reflection, etc)
    • Completion of weekly/monthly homework (self-reflection, goal setting & assessment, assessing personal strengths & weaknesses, critiquing tournament performances, etc)
    • Match preparation (for your physical body, nutrition, mindset, studying the opponents, how to adjust your game plan during the match, self-coaching techniques, post-tournament recovery, etc)
    • Tournament coaching (full-day observation, in-game assessments, post-match breakdown, playoff preparation, building strategies for your opponents. This will be offered for 2 regular season tournaments, not including Provincials and Nationals by Becky Zeeman)
    • Following 1 or 2 FIVB World Tour Pros (they can be males/females, Canadians or foreigners) You will be asked to watch their events and break-down one match each tournament. Critique their strengths and weaknesses. Know where they stand in the 2020 Olympic qualifying race.

In order to gain situational awareness during matches you need to frequently compete in games at a high level. Most of our training in this program will be game focused and against players and teams who challenge you to be better.

For more information please contact: admin@smashvolleyball.ca

Sessions Ongoing – To join please email: admin@smashvolleyball.ca