Co-Ed participants will:

  • Learn basic volleyball skills
  • Improve physical literacy skills such as striking, jumping and Agility (volleyball term, pass, set and spike!)
  • Participate in practice and game situations
  • Social development with peers

Fall Registristration:

Participants can register for this program from Wed 11 Sep, 2019 – 07:00

Participants will be registering for:

Sundays from

Start date Sun 06 Oct, 2019 –

End date Sun  Dec 01, 2019

(9 week program)

Gymnasium: Westmount Recreation Centre

  • Youth Juniors age 8-10yrs old (introductory)
    Sundays 9:00AM – 10:30AM
  • Youth Juniors age  9-11yrs old (intermediate)
    Sundays 10:30AM -12:00PM
  • Youth Seniors age 12-13yrs old
    Sundays 12:00PM – 1:30PM

Click here to register.

Registration online at Westmount Recreation Centre, 35 Lynbrook Drive. For more information contact Debbie Wu

Head Coach: Marcus Wu